Untitled Rug uses the technique of crochet to construct its amazingly beautiful unique rugs. They echo in form and texture the braided American rag rug, but are elivated through specialized dye techniques and material choices.  

  • The Patchwork Rug

    Dimensions vary, 9 feet at widest points.

  • Small Patchwork Rug

    8 feet X 5 feet at widest points

  • Strap Round Rugs

    Made from cotton, denim or canvas, these rugs are machine washable and incredibly durable.

  • Corded Rugs

    Corded rugs can be made from a wide range of fabrics. The example pictured is a round corded rug over 7.5 feet in diameter and made from two different tones of gold metallic linen. LINEN!

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  • Hand Dyed Rugs

    Over 9 feet in diameter and 2 inches thick. This hand dyed cotton rug is beyond luxurious with an authentic Americana feel. Works beautifully alongside both modern and boho interiors. Beach modern. (custom orders only).

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  • Bench Runner

    20 inches x 8.5 feet cotton cording. custom sizes available
  • Beach Rug

    Inspired by my local beach and the desire to never leave the waves, this incredibly textured work mimics the wet and dry sand through subtle variations in texture and color.